About The Artist

Dorsa is an abstract artist who channels her pieces by tapping into universal energies. Dorsa has been a lover of the arts and the spirit world for as long as she has existed. Upon being born she has given birth to countless vibration paintings and continues to pursue her passion for the arts. Dorsa channels her painting from divine sources. To Dorsa, art is a form of meditation that can bring one’s consciousness as deep as traditional sitting meditation. Dorsa’s pieces are not mere paintings, but living breathing vibrational beings that carry potent energies. In the case of Dorsa’s pieces, each art work has been blessed with positive affirmations and designed to uplift and improve one’s home.

In case of the scientific pals, it has been continuously backed up by empirical studies that words are more than mere linguistic expressions. The rice water experiment used two groups to test this theory. One group was assigned “nice words” and the other “mean words”. Miraculously, the results showcase a significant difference between the two groups, with “nice words” group flourishing, while the “mean words” group rotting. Everything carries energy, which has yet to be completely understood by the human mind, but can be felt through the heart intelligence.