Tarot Packages

Here at Art + Tarot by Dorr, I see it as my mission to help lost souls get re-connected with their intuition, and help them on their journey of becoming.

I have been disconnected and lost from my inner knowing, many many times, and the only way to find myself was by listening to that voice inside of me that was always there, even in the dark times. It just needed me to listen to it.

Art + Tarot by Dorr is here to elevate your perspective and help you get connected with your own inner knowing and your intuition. 


You can now book a reading with me here on this page. :)

When booking a session, do it with an open mind, and open heart! Be ready to be transformed from the inside out! I’m not a fortune teller, and I only offer guidance and a fresh perspective on your issue, and how you can improve it. Purchase a reading if you are ready to improve on an aspect of your life that you know needs your attention! :)